Clicker Tube Amplifiers

Clicker Tube Amps are the result of one musician's ceaseless quest for the perfect tone. Since this goal is really a moving target it is virtually impossible to reach it with a single amplifier (or guitar, or pedal, etc). After playing many production amps I decided to build my own, where I could easily tweak the signal path.

Every Clicker Amp is hand wired using premium quality parts and hardware. You can choose from amps that are in stock, new or used, or consult with us to build the amplifier of your dreams. Do you need a small Class A amp that can be driven to sweet power tube distortion at studio levels? How about a medium sized club amp that will go from shimmery clean to nasty growl? Or is your group playing a big venue and you're ready to actually let a 100 watt stack stretch out?

Call or email today and get your Clicker started!

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